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Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 13:26:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: John O'Connor
Subject: Star Trek: Welcome To The 23rd Century (1/1)Title: Star Trek: Welcome To The 23rd Century
Author: John O'Connor
Email: lushcoltraneyahoo.com
Rating: NC-17.
Pairings: Commander Areel lolita free photos pix
Shaw and Dr. Gillian Taylor
Category: First Time.
Date: 22 May 2001
Series: None.Disclaimer: "Star Trek", it's characters, locations,
etc are copyright Paramount Pictures. ls island magic lolita
No infringment
for profit is intended. This is strictly for fun.Summary: As Gillian Taylor journeys to her first
Off-World post, she shares a cabin and more with Areel
Shaw of Starfleet's JAG Office.Notes: This is an entry in the Third Round for the
femme_fuhq_fest. Others can be found at
geocities.com/femme_fuhq_fest Check'em out, they're
really very good.I also want to thank my betas Ann, Tamy (also my
archivist!), & Jazz for their help. And Vonda
McIntyre for the novelization of "Star Trek IV" which
gave me some great add'l info for Dr. Taylor's 23rd
century mission.
Welcome To The 23rd CenturyGillian Taylor looked at the futuristic decor of her
cabin and wondered just what the hell she was doing
here. She felt completely out of place in this
century. And to top it off, she was on a starship - a
starship! - rocketing across the galaxy!She wondered if anyone back in the 20th century would
miss her. Doubtful, her parents had been gone for
years and she had no close relations.
Professionally...well that was another matter. She
left the Cetacean Institute in a major mood after
learning that George and Gracie had been released into
the Pacific. She smiled at the not-so professional
look on Bob Brigg's face when she slapped him before
storming off in her old Chevy pickup.She at least hoped someone would, or rather had, taken
care of her plants. Not that it realistically
mattered after over two hundred years.So now here she was, light years from Earth, on her
way to a largely aquatic planet to find out if the
indigenous creatures were compatitable genetically
with George and Gracie. Unfortunately, Gillian knew
that just two whales was too small a genetic base to
repopulate a species.There was work being done on Earth trying to draw DNA
from old whale bones, scrimshaw, and other traces left
behind when the whales had died lolita real lolicon cp
out. This trip was to
explore another avenue to save the gentle creatures,
as well as recruiting people to assist her with her
open-sea research when she returned to Earth.Glancing at the computer terminal, Gillian steeled
herself to trying to absorb more knowledge of the
world, or worlds, she was part of now. At least they
had fast cures for headaches now.Sitting down, she considered what to look over now.
She had already dealt with the world war in the
mid-21st century and the first contact with the
Vulcans. The Earth/Romulan War was a possibility but
there was little beyond battle statistics in the
history files. Too little was known about the Romulan
Empire, she couldn't even find any information on why
Earth had labelled the Empire and it's homeworld with
names that referred to the ancient Roman Empire.What about the Klingons? They seemed to be a
particularly nasty race. Why did they hate the
Federation so much? That would be worth researching.With that thought, Gillian began to enter the search
parameters into the terminal when the comm unit
beeped.Fortunately, by now, Gillian had gotten used to the
trilling whistle. She touched a screen contact and
said, "Hello?""Doctor Taylor? This is Captain April. Could you
come to my ready room whenever it's convenient?" came
the disembodied voice."Of course, Captain. Would now be a good time?"
Gillian asked.April agreed and told her how to reach his sanctum.
Gillian signed off with "Good bye." She then got up,
checked her appearance in the mirror and stepped out
of the guest quarters she'd been assigned.When she made her way to Deck 1, she stood at the door
for the captain's Ready Room and knocked. She knew
there was some chime but she still hadn't figured out
the 23rd century equivalent of the door bell.Fortunately, John April heard her knocking and opened
the door. "Come in, Doctor." He walked up and shook
her hand, "How has the trip been so far?""Well, I don't lolita bbs post board
have a lot free pictures naked lolitas
to compare it with but it's
fine," Gillian answered, thinking of the Klingon Bird
of Prey and the orbital shuttle, the only spaceships
she had been aboard. 'So far,' she added to herself.She looked around the small cubby-hole April
considered an private office. Not much more than a
table with a terminal, two chairs in front and his
larger chair between the table and the bulkhead. Not
a port or even a viewscreen to break up the blank
wallspace. Just a couple of holo-prints of various
stellar phenomena.April himself was a middle-aged man, by 20th century
standards, but was in very good shape. He didn't
quite look like a man in his late forties with only
traces of grey and a few lines around the eyes and
mouth. He preteen naked loli models
looked much more comfortable in his
Starfleet uniform than Kirk had. And while Kirk had a
white turtleneck denoting Command, April had an olive
green shirt for Science."Good. Everyone treating you well?""Yes, no complaints. Your crew has been very kind.
Well, once they got over the fact that I'm from the
20th century. But they've been extremely helpful and
kind to me," Gillian replied. non nude pretee loli
"But you could call me
Gillian," she added with a smile."Certainly, and please call me John," April offered.Gillian shook her head, "Thank you Captain but I have
some military background in my family and I always
call people in the service by their rank. Old habit
from my bbs lol top 100
uncle the colonel. As a joke, we used to call
him Uncle Colonel," Gillian explained.April nodded his understanding. "Gillian, as you
know, the Cousteau is primarily a research vessel. We
don't have a lot of room for passengers."Gillian nodded, remembering the briefing she had
attended. The ship had been fitted with tanks of
varying sizes that could hold a variety of mediums;
the primary one being water. The larger tanks were
used to ferry diplomats from any of the aquatic races
that helped make up the Federation. The smaller tanks
were usually reserved for specimens. Unfortunately,
the increased cargo space meant fewer cabins. She
counted herself lucky she had a cabin to herself."I need to ask a incest lolita pics free
favor. We have to stop and meet the
USS Jefferson. We're going to pick up an officer from
the JAG, asian lol bbs tgp
uh, Judge Advocate General's office, and
proceed on to Mer. I apologize for the delay but it
shouldn't be more than one standard day.""That's quite alright, Captain. I've been using my
time to get caught teen lolitas picture sharing
up on the history of the last three
hundred years...""Thank you, Gillian. The delay is only part of the
reason I asked you to see me. We have more people on
board than is standard for this ship. Your stateroom
is currently the only one with an extra berth. I was
hoping we could impose on you to let a Captain Shaw
stay in your quarters," April said. "I met her once
on Starbase 32. Nice person, as long as she's not
prosecuting you."Knowing full well that April could just as easily
order this officer to use her quarters, Gillian gave
her consent. It might be fun to have a roommate;
maybe Shaw could help her with her studies."Again, thank you. I am sorry for the inconvenience,"
April said. "I hope you won't be too crammed for
space.""That's quite alright, Captain. After that alien
ship, this ship is huge," Gillian said with a smile.Gillian turned to go but stopped and looked at the
ship's captain. "May I ask you a question, Captain?"April smiled, "Of course, Gillian. Outside of
security matters, I'd be happy to tell you anything.""My friend Kirk is the captain of the new Enterprise.
He was also the captain of the old ship. I saw in the
records that the first captain of the original
Enterprise was Robert April. Any relation?" Gillian
asked."Yes, he's my father.""Wow, talk about a small universe," Gillian smiled.
"Is he still in the service?""No, he's retired and spends his days painting and
writing his memoirs on Mars. Since the loss of the
first Enterprise, there's been a lot of interest in
that ship and as it's first captain, a lot of interest
in him." April grinned, "He loves it!"Gillian returned his smile and left the Ready Room for
her quarters. She spent a short time clearing some
space 11 pedo lolitas archive
for her new roomie.'I haven't had a roommate since I was an undergrad,'
she thought. She didn't count the fellow student she
lived with when they were in grad school; she didn't
think young nude pussy lolita
of a lover in the same context.* * * * * *Six hours and thirty-four minutes later, she felt a
change in the ship as it came out of warp. She had
questioned this before but everyone she asked on the
crew claimed not to notice the effect. Gillian was
sure they were simply used to it and supposed she
would too, eventually.Her routine didn't vary while they waited for the
Jefferson to arrive. She split her time studying
Earth history and reading the latest works on
genetics.While reading further about the first encounter
between Earth and a Vulcan science ship, Gillian
couldn't help but be impressed by how much Cochrane
accomplished in what was essentially a post-holocaust
world. Her growing admiration of the man who
developed warp capability for Terrans was interrupted
by a hail from the Bridge.Gillian made a dash for the nearest turbo-lift and
took it to the Bridge. She loved the sensation of
standing and looking at the viewscreen to see the
incredible view of the galaxy. She had heard some of
the larger ships, especially passenger ships, had
forward lounges. The Cousteau didn't have space for
such luxuries and so Gillian had to content herself
with her occasional trips to the Bridge.On arrival, she saw a Federation destroyer apparently
floating dead ahead. 'That must be the Jefferson,'
she thought."Doctor Taylor, I thought you might like to know that
the Jefferson has arrived," Captain April said as she
stood staring at the image of the starship before her.
Something about the Bridge seemed to require more
formality, as well as a tendency to state the obvious
Gillian had found."Would you care to accompany me to Transporter Room 1?
The Jefferson's captain is interested in meeting you
and it will give you a chance to meet your, uh,
roommate."Gillian nodded eagerly. April led the way back to the
turbolift. As he stepped into the lift, he said,
"Mister Green? You have the conn."In the transporter room, the technician was setting
the system to accept the energy beam from the nearby
starship. Gillian heard the growing hum of the beam
as the system accepted the Jefferson's transmission.The following event was something Gillian was sure
she'd never get tired of seeing. Two humanoid figures
began to take shape in glittering columns of light.
Slowly they solidified into solid, physical forms.The figure on the left, a tall dark-skinned Vulcan,
was apparently the captain of the nearby ship. He was
introduced as Sokuda. Gillian shook his hand and
smiled as he told her, "It is an honor russian prelolita nympho models
sexy nude loli girls
to meet you,
Doctor Taylor."This was followed by the usual platitudes that Gillian
had been hearing since arriving in this century. She
managed to smile and carry on the required small talk
but her attention was all but captured by the second
figure.The woman, also in a Starfleet uniform, stood politely
to the side. She was Gillian's height and had short,
golden hair. She looked to be in her mid-thirties.
She was one of the most attractive women Gillian had
ever seen, at least in the twenty-third century.Shortly she was introduced by Captain Sokuda. "Doctor
Gillian Taylor, this is Captain Areel Shaw, Judge
Advocate General's office. Captain Shaw, Doctor
Taylor.""Please, call me Gillian," the biologist said as she
shook Captain Shaw's proffered hand."Only if you call me Areel," the blond officer said."Okay, Areel.""Doctor Taylor, would you be so kind as to show the
captain to your quarters? I need to go over some
supply manifests with Captain Sokuda. Ladies," April
said formally."It was an honor, Doctor," Sokuda said as he followed
April into the corridor, turning towards the Bridge."Well, Areel, need any help with your bags?" Gillian
offered, seeing the two small cases that transferred
over with the two Starfleet officers."Oh, no. Thank you, but I can handle them. Just lead
the way," Areel said as she stepped back to the
transporter pad to retrieve her luggage."Do you always travel this light?" Gillian asked,
indicating the cases."After over twenty years of this, yes." Areel smiled
and Gillian felt something inside of her. The woman's
face lit up when she smiled."Twenty years?" Gillian exclaimed."Yes. Since Stardate 2632.6." Seeing the blank look
on Gillian's face, Areel added, "I'm sorry. Um, that
would be 2263 by the old calendar.""Wow, you don't look at all like... That is..."
Gillian fumbled for the proper words before giving up.
"You just don't look old enough.""Why russian lolitas babes models
thank you. Actually, I'm forty-five years old.
Still fairly young, uh, by today's standards that is,"
Areel replied. She felt a sudden, pleasant rush at
Gillian's off-handed compliment."Well, I'm twenty-nine years...uh, better make that
three hundred and twenty-nine years old," Gillian said
with a chuckle."You don't look a day over one hundred and
ninety-two," Areel said.Both women were laughing when they arrived at super top list lolitas
shared quarters."Well, for what it's worth, this is home for the next
few days," Gillian said."Looks much more comfortable than I expected. Usually
science vessels are low on comfort standards," Areel
said, shrugging off her jacket to reveal her white
turtleneck stretched across her bosom."So you travel through space a lot?" Gillian asked.Areel nodded as she began to stow her gear, "Yes. I
don't even keep a place on Earth anymore. Just stay
at hotels or Starfleet facilities when I'm home.""That's a shame. Everyone should have a place to call
home," Gillian said."Even you?"Pausing for a long moment, Gillian shook her head,
"No. Not even back in my time. Not since my parents
died. My life revolved around George and Gracie after
that."She didn't need to tell Areel who she was talking
about; George and Gracie had become quite famous
throughout the Federation and beyond. our great lolitas bbs
They had even
created a resurgence in interest in the original
George and Gracie; the old radio and video recordings
that had survived the 21st century were in great
demand."Well, after young asian loli girls
this mission...?" Areel suggested."I'd like a place on the Pacific coast so that I can
feel some ties to my...my friends," Gillian responded.
"Some place not too close to a city or town so that
they might visit."Areel nodded in understanding before stowing her
cases. She had seen the look in her new friend's eyes
when the humpbacks were mentioned. It was like they
were her best friends. The captain was just beginning
to see that Gillian didn't see the large creatures as
pets, the way the various news media had portrayed
them."How do you feel about the way the news groups are
calling them your pets?" Areel asked.Gillian's eyes burned with anger, an anger directed at
the same type of stupidity that led to the whales
extinction in the 21st century. "It's ridiculous!
They are not pets! George and Gracie are intelligent,
caring beings! To compare them to...to goldfish, for
God's sake! Absolute crap!"Areel had expected that type of answer but not the
vehemence in Gillian's tone."I thought the future was more enlightened. That was
the impression I lolita candid model pictures
got from Kirk and Spock and the rest
of the Bounty's crew. I mean the equal rights
movement seemed to finally include everyone regardless
of race or religion or sex, or even teen lolita web dark
species... But
then to have George and Gracie regarded as pets...""Gillian, take it easy." Areel stood and placed her
hands on Gillian's shoulders, "I don't think that was
any more than sensational journalism to get people
interested. I bet that given time, they will be
accepted by people. I mean, look at the Horta..."At Gillian's blank look, Areel told her what little
she knew about the strange creatures from Janus VI
that contracted with the Federation to assist
deep-rock mining operations around the Alpha Quadrant.
Fascinated, Gillian accessed the ship's computer for
more information while Areel used her portable system
to go over the situation she was being sent to Mer to
investigate.Time passed quietly when Gillian heard her stomach
growl. Smiling in embarrassment, she apologized to
Areel."That's alright. I'm starving too. Join me for
dinner?" the older woman asked brightly. She was
ready for a break, having gone over enough information
for her investigation; it should proceed quickly.They joined various members of the Cousteau's crew in
the ship's mess hall. Gillian, still unsure of all
that a replicator lolita imageboard 1 8
could do, stood and watched while
Areel ordered."Barbecued spare ribs, baked sweet potato with butter
only, corn, a dinner roll, and hot tea with
sweetener," the attorney told the wall unit. The unit
opened and a tray containing savory ribs and a
steaming potato as well as the rest of Areel's order
slid into view."It's like the Automat. When I was little, we went to
New York and had lunch at the Automat," Gillian only
half-explained. "But,I still can't believe I can best preteen lolly pics
any food I want from this thing.""If it's in the ship's memory, you can get it. What
do you have a taste for?" lolitas preteen ch porn
Areel was curious about
this Automat, as well as many other aspects of 20th
century life, but decided to pursue that line of
investigation later."A couple of slices of pepperoni and mushroom pizza
with extra onions," Gillian replied. "And a
Michelob." The replicator flashed a couple of
indicator lights as it processed her order.Areel saw the machine furiously trying to fill
Gillian's request. She lolitas pretty preteen nymphs
asked, "What's a Michelob?""Uh, it's a brand of beer.""That might be the trouble. Most of the businesses
and corporations from your time have vanished or
changed over the last three hundred years. There
really are no brand names anymore," Areel explained."Oh! I hadn't thought of that! Uh, computer?" little lolita nymphs nn
indicators froze, waiting. "Change the Michelob to a,
um, a pilsner beer." The machine hummed and a tray
slid out with two slices of pizza and a glass of amber
liquid. Taking a sip, Gillian smiled and proclaimed,
"This tastes just like beer!""It won't get you drunk either. Made with synthehol,"
Areel responded.They sat and enjoyed their meal. Gillian explained
that she'd had a taste for pizza ever since her
aborted dinner date with Kirk. Areel glanced at the
young scientist at the mention of Kirk's name but said
nothing.Shortly after dinner, they returned to their shared
quarters. By this point, they were feeling very
comfortable and at ease with each other, laughing and
joking like old friends."...so I said, 'Sorry, Commodore, but sexual
harassment can be the adult lolita nude art
result of improper tentacle
usage.'" Areel was saying as they entered the cabin.Gillian was laughing hard, tears rolling down her
cheeks. "Oh God! Tha-at's hilarious!"Gillian collapsed on the small couch still roaring.
Areel sat next to her, laughing in spite of the fact
that the incident was years before and not that funny
to her anymore.When the laughter subsided and both women were able to
catch their breathes, Areel looked over and asked,
"Gillian, I'm curious. You little lolitas in thongs
mentioned Kirk earlier.
Did you and he...?" Areel quickly added, "You don't
have to tell me if you don't want to.""No, that's alright. We shared a kiss in a hospital
and a couple of tight hugs. But no, nothing
happened," Gillian said, not mentioning that nothing
would have happened even if Kirk had tried to woo her.Areel felt some twinge of jealousy when she heard
Gillian had kissed Kirk, but she pushed it aside
before Gillian asked, "Why?""Well, I know Jim Kirk." Gillian raised her eyebrows
questioningly. "It's a long story but suffice to say
I was a cadet and he was already a lieutenant
commander between assignments. Sparks flew and we had
a hot and fast love affair before he shipped out.
I've seen him only a few times since. The longest was
about four years after we...we broke up. I was...""Yes?" Gillian prompted."Long story short again. I was prosecuting him for
gross dereliction of duty resulting in the death of a
crew member. Jim was framed by the crew member, Ben
Finney, who held Jim responsible for his inability to
get his own command. Finney was discovered in the
lower decks of the Enterprise and Jim Kirk was
cleared," Areel said, omitting the near-destruction of
the Enterprise with the tribunal aboard. "Finney
managed to access the computer core, falsified the
images in the log, and hid after 'dying' to get back
at Jim.""Do you still..." Gillian began."Love Kirk?" Areel laughed. "No, not for a long,
long time. We're still friends but he's too much of a
free spirit to get tied down. Surely you've heard the
rumors...?"Gillian shook her head, "No. Rumors about...?""Jim and Spock? Those have been making the grapevine
circuit for years. But they've gotten a renewed burst
of interest since Jim went out on a limb to save
Spock.""Wow! Kirk and Spock? Really?" Gillian asked.
"Wouldn't that cause problems for them? You know,
being gay?""Well, first, homosexuality isn't a taboo. Hasn't
been since humans started meeting other races and,
especially other cultures. It's hard to fret over a
same-sex partnership when there are species with
three, or even more, sexes.""That must get complicated," Gillian said. "Sorry,
shouldn't have interrupted you."Areel smiled it away and continued, "Second, while I
personally don't believe they're lovers, it's not the
first time a commander and their first officer have
had an on-going affair.""He definitely didn't strike me as being gay..."
Gillian said thoughtfully.Areel chuckled, "Jim? No, not gay but... Hmm, what's
the right term?""Bisexual?" Gillian offered."Too limiting," Areel said, shaking her head. "He's
more...omnisexual, I loli girls naked models
guess.""Omnisexual?" Gillian giggled."To be crude, he'd bang girls russian angels lolitsa
just about anybody or anything
if they turned him on," Areel explained to a laughing
Gillian."Did you enjoy kissing Jim?" Areel asked, instantly
regretting her question."We did it to get out of a jam while trying to save
Commander Chekov. It was...interesting," Gillian said
simply."But?""But...he's not really my type."The young woman had Areel's attention now. "What do
you mean?""I prefer... I'm gay," Gillian said, steeling herself
for any latent homophobic feelings the other woman
might harbor."Really?" Areel said, her interest completely locked
on the extremely attractive woman sitting next to her.
"You prefer women? Any particular type?"Relieved by Areel's 23rd century enlightenment,
Gillian still hesitated, "I, uh, I like... This is
kinda weird.""I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked," Areel said
quickly, lightly placing her hand on Gillian's
forearm.Gillian placed her hand over Areel's, enjoying the
other woman's touch. "No, it's not that. I'm not
embarrassed it's just..." She looked at the woman
next to her. Areel had a lovely face, with just a
hint of wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. Her
short, feathery hair was light blond with just lolita russian sex pictures
a hint
of white. She was more beautiful than Gillian's last
two girlfriends.'Just say it, Gill! She might not be offended,'
Gillian thought to herself. Heart pounding nervously,
she said, "I like intelligent, confident women. And
if they happen to be blond, well..."Her voice fading out, Gillian looked at Areel from the
corner of her eye to see a smile spread across her
beautiful face."You know, when I told you Jim was omnisexual? Well,
I'm bisexual. Lately I seem to prefer women to men
too," Areel said.Her throat suddenly dry, Gillian swallowed quickly
before she could ask, "What do you find...attractive
in a woman? Or a..."Before she could complete her question, she felt
Areel's soft lips on hers. She leaned into the kiss
and opened her mouth. Areel's tongue did a slow,
sensuous exploration of Gillian's mouth before
twisting and caressing her tongue. The young
scientist slid her tongue along Areel's and into the
older woman's mouth.For long minutes, they kissed. The only other
physical contact was when Areel turned her hand to
grip Gillian's.Breaking the kiss, Areel said, "I find you so lovely
and sexy. I've wanted to do that since I came
aboard."Gillian smiled, pleased that Areel was as attracted to
her as she was to the older woman. "I haven't been
with anyone in... Well, add three hundred years, and
it's been almost three hundred and one," Gillian
joked. "I want to make love to you, Areel. I think I
have since I saw you materialize."Areel smiled and kissed Gillian again, "I want to make
love to you, too." Standing, she held out her hand to
Gillian, saying, "Come."Gillian placed her hand in Areel's and let the
Starfleet officer lead her into her bedroom. Once
there, they embraced and kissed.As their tongues built up the flames of passion within
them, their hands were busy exploring each other' body
through the clothes they were wearing.Areel stood back after the kiss and began to take off
her uniform. She tossed her jacket to the side and
slid her turtleneck up and over her head. Kicking her
boots off, she jerked her trousers off and kicked them
after the boots. Soon, she stood clad in only a small
pair of panties and a bra.Gillian reached out and cupped one lolita model lotion massage
of Areel's
partially covered breasts, squeezing gently. Her
other hand slid along the woman's flank and settled
over her covered mound, gently massaging and probing
the wet material and the heat hidden beneath."Oh God, Gillian! You have no idea how long..."
Areel ran her fingers through Gillian's short brown
curls and pulled her closer. "I'm going to kiss you
again. Then I want you out of those very young nastey lolitas
things," Areel
declared in a husky voice.Matching actions to words, Areel kissed Gillian again.
Gillian happily returned the kiss and lolita kingdom ls girls
pressed her
body against Areel's nearly nude form.As their tongues danced, Areel began to pull Gillian's
tunic up and ran her hands across the smooth skin of
the young woman's torso. One hand slid down below the
waist of Gillian's pants and cupped her round ass and
the other slid around to squeeze her breast. Gillian
moaned into Areel's mouth as her nipple was brushed by
the woman's thumb.Areel pulled back and tugged Gillian's top off her
body. She stood before Areel topless, but not for
long. Areel pushed her pants down, panties caught and
pulled down too. Kneeling to remove Gillian's shoes
and then the bunched clothes at her feet, the woman
caught the scent of Gillian's arousal. Looking
straight ahead, loli model nude ls
she saw dewy drops of the woman's
nectar twinkling in her brown pubic hair.Areel leaned forward and swiped her tongue quickly
through the silky hair, loving the taste. Gillian
grabbed her head and pulled the woman more firmly into
her. As Areel's tongue slid along the outer edges of
her pussy, Gillian felt herself begin to get
weak-kneed.Areel saw this and reluctantly pulled her mouth away.
Standing, innocent preteen lolita nude
she kissed Gillian again then said, "Lay
down. I want to make slow sweet love to you tonight.""I want to see you naked," Gillian responded. Lying
back, she watched Areel remove the last of her
garments. The woman's breasts were lovely. Not too
big and no trace of age. Her nipples looked like
pencil erasers, hard, pink, and rubbery. Her crotch
was covered by a trimmed growth of blond hair, darker
than the hair on Areel's head and showing more traces
of white. 'Sooo sexy!' Gillian thought."Oh God, you're beautiful," the young woman said.
"Please..."Areel crawled up on the bed with Gillian and pulled
her nude body close. The feel of the other woman
against her was wonderful, a sensation she had been
missing for far too long.They lay together for a long time, lips locked
together, breasts rubbing against each other, and legs
scissored together causing their hot cores to rub
against the other.The friction of each woman's pubic hair on the other
woman's hot flesh brought them each to several small
climaxes as they devoured each other's mouth.Finally, Areel pulled back and leaned on one elbow,
her breath coming in little pants and her skin
glistening with the sweat of their torrid embrace.
She looked at Gillian to see her new lover was in a
similar state. lolita nude underground paysites
She ran a finger lightly over
Gillian's shiny skin."You are so lovely," Areel finally said.Gillian smiled up at the woman above her, "No, you
are. Absolutely beautiful!"Areel lowered her head and stole another
passion-filled kiss from the girl."You know what I want, don't you?" Areel said with a
wicked gleam in her eye."The same thing I want?" Gillian giggled, reaching
down to cup Areel's sex. A low moan from the woman
caused Gillian's smile to widen."I'm sure it is," Areel managed to say as she felt
Gillian's fingers toying with her."God you are wet!" Gillian announced. "I have to
taste..." Her words were cut off when Areel kissed
her again.Moving from the kiss, Areel crawled around on the bed
to straddle Gillian's head. Her face hovered over
Gillian's wet sex. She licked her lips in
anticipation of the taste she had already experienced.Areel lowered her head and began to explore the hot,
aroused flesh. lolita model angel pics
As her tongue began to trace the
labia, she felt Gillian's tongue enter her!The two preteen lolita girl nonnude
women were fused mouth to pussy, their tongues
licking and lapping at each other. Both avoided the
clit to prolong the exquisite feelings they were
experiencing.Areel had one of her hands wrapped under Gillian's
thigh and the other holding the outer lips open as her
tongue explored. She occasionally squeezed the
sensitive flesh with her fingers to bring little
squeals of delight from Gillian into her.Gillian had her mouth plastered against Areel's pussy,
her tongue licking all around the inside of her.
Gillian's hands were holding Areel's ass tightly,
keeping her from bucking away from the probing tongue.Deciding to get back at her lover, Gillian slipped a
finger into the sopping tunnel as she licked around
the digit. After swirling it around, she pulled it
out and trailed her finger up to Areel's tight
rosebud. Tracing the outer edge, Gillian smiled as
she felt the shivers flow through Areel. The wet
finger probed at very young rape lolita
the tight ring and slowly penetrated
into Areel's anus.The lawyer groaned loudly at the unusual but
pleasurable feelings preteen lolitas innocent lolitas
radiating out from her ass. It
wouldn't be too long before she came.Gillian was also on the verge of a strong orgasm. She
increased the pace of her tonguing as the pleasure
wave built up within her.Within moments, Areel screamed into Gillian as she
came, her juices flowing onto Gillian's waiting
tongue. As her orgasm blasted through her, Areel's
vision faded to bright white before finally returning
to normal.When Areel screamed into her, the vibrations pushed
Gillian over the edge and she came; her orgasm almost
simultaneous with Areel's.Areel rolled off to the side and lay there collecting
herself. Gillian tried to regain her wits as well.Finally, Gillian crawled down alongside Areel. She
looked down at her lover and smiled, "Thank you. That
was incredible!""Yes, you were," Areel joked as young teen panties lolita
she reached up and
brushed at the sweaty bangs on Gillian's forehead.They kissed again, tasting each other. Gillian hadn't
felt this comfortable with anyone except George and
Gracie (in a much different way) in years. What she
didn't yet know was that Areel felt the same way.Pulling back from the kiss, Gillian rested her head on
Areel's breast, kissing the nipple lightly. fresh and young lolitas
As she
lay there with Areel stroking her hair, she muttered
to herself."What?" Areel asked."I was just saying I never even kiss on a first date,"
Gillian giggled."First date?""Well, you did ask me to dinner...""If I'd known this was a date, I would've arranged
something romantic," Areel said."Really?""You deserve romance," Areel said, stroking Gillian's
soft curly hair."That's so sweet," Gillian replied."Maybe I'll get the chance when we arrive at Mer...""I'd like that," Gillian said."Will I get a kiss?" Areel joked."Depends...""On what?""How tired we are after tonight..." Gillian said as
her fingers trailed through Areel's damp, silky pubic
hair.* * * * * *18 Months LaterGillian waited on the platform skirt for the aircar to
settle. As soon as the vehicle came to rest she
trotted up to the hatch, feeling giddy like a
schoolgirl.As she waited for the hatch to open, she was almost
hopping from one foot to the other. She hadn't been
this excited since Gracie gave birth to another calf.She had to make a conscious effort not to leap into
the arms of the first person to exit the craft.
Gillian chuckled adult loli image boards
when she saw a technician step out.
'That would've been interesting,' she thought.As soon as her visitor stepped out, Gillian's face
split in a wide grin. Yelling, "Areel!" she ran up to
the woman in the Starfleet uniform and threw her arms
around her."Gillian!" Areel said smiling and hugging the young
scientist tightly. The she whispered, "I've missed
you."Gillian, not so quietly, said, "I've missed you too!"
Taking Areel's hand, Gillian led her to the ramp that
led down to the habitat level. After tossing Areel's
bag in her quarters, Gillian said, "I have something
special to show you..." before leading Areel down to
the lowest level."Our house?" Areel asked eagerly. She had happily
agreed to move in with Gillian when she was going to
be permanently assigned to JAG Headquarters in San
Francisco."No Commodore, not yet," Gillian teased Areel about
her upcoming promotion. "This is even better.
Anyway, the house won't be done for another six days."
In a locker room, Gillian began to strip out of her
clothes. Areel stood there with a smirk, watching her
young lover shed her clothes. Finally she said, "What
are you doing?""Getting ready," Gillian said."I'm not doing it down here. Let's go back to the
cabin..." Areel's suggestion was stifled as she
caught a thin wetsuit. "Oh? Well, alright..."Gillian now had a chance to look at the officer's slim
figure as it was slowly revealed. "If I hadn't
already promised, I'd drag you back to my room right
now.""Promised what to who?" Areel asked."You'll see," the biologist promised.A short while later, the pair stood on a diving
platform. Gillian handed her lover a rebreather,
explaining, "This is the neatest thing. If this had
been around three hundred years ago..."She was holding a small device that fit over the
mouth, nose, and eyes of the diver. It allowed them
to filter oxygen out of the water much like fishes
gills do. The special lenses allowed vision in all
but the murkiest water. The rebreather also was
fitted with a small communicator to allow divers to
talk clearly underwater.After each woman had placed the rebreather over her
face, Gillian gave a lolita bbs sexy movies
thumbs up and jumped in the warm
Pacific water. Areel rolled her eyes but followed her
young friend into the clear water.Gillian free little lolita links
said, "Follow me. There's some people I want
you to meet."Intrigued, Areel followed Gillian through the water.
As they swam, Areel was glad she hadn't let herself go
like so many of her colleagues in the JAG. She was
surprised to find she was enjoying the exercise,
almost like a Zero-G gym.Soon, she could discern several large shapes in the
water. They were quite large she observed with a
slight feeling of fear. Seeing Gillian swim straight
for the things calmed her somewhat.The shapes resolved themselves into what had to be
Gillian's whales. There were three swimming around
with some smaller, humanoid figures swimming with
them.Gillian went up to one and placed her hand on the
massive flank of the animal. "Come on. Gracie won't
bite," the young woman teased."Doctor Taylor, is this our guest?"Areel looked around for the source of the voice. It
was another swimmer coming up underneath Gracie."Yes, Doctor S'renev. This is Captain Areel Shaw.
Areel, this is S'renev. I met him on Mer after you
returned home. He's our 'Universal Translator' so to
speak." Gillian smiled under her mask, "For a Vulcan,
he's a pretty good swimmer"I'm honored, Captain," the Vulcan said as he gave her
the time-honored Vulcan salute. He pointedly ignored
Gillian's teasing. "What we have lolitas gallery russia 456
been able to do here
is unusual considering humans have low telepathic
levels, but it does work. Come."The three smaller figures turned towards the nearest
humpback. S'renev held out his hand and gently placed
it near the whale's eye. He took Areel's hand in his
other. Gillian grasped Areel's free hand. They hung
suspended there, maintaining their position by
paddling their feet slowly.*Greetings, Small Friend.* Areel felt the words in
her mind and the warm feelings behind them.*Hello, Gracie. How's the new mama?* Areel could
feel Gillian in her head, it was quite unique. 'What
would it be like to make love while telepathically
linked?' the nude young ukraine lolitas
officer thought.Gillian squeezed her hand and gave her a strange look.
Areel thought she heard the words "maybe later" but
she wasn't sure.*I am quite well. My mate and I are quite happy. Is
this new small one your mate, Small Friend? The one
we spoke of?*Gillian positively beamed behind her mask, *Yes,
Gracie. This is Areel. She's my lover. She is also
a friend of one of your other friends, Kirk.*Areel felt competing waves of pleasure vying in her.
One lolitas bear hug galleries
wave was the result of being introduced as
Gillian's mate and came from within her. The other
was a shared feeling from Gracie top lolita model bbs
at the mention of
Kirk, one of her saviors.*Greetings, Areel. It is a pleasure to meet our
friend's mate.**It is an honor to meet you, Gracie.*The conversation continued between the four sentient
beings for quite some time. All the while, in the
back of her mind, Areel was trying to think of the
proper way to thank her young love for this incredibly
unique gift.The End.

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