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Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 19:06:31 +0000
From: Jeffrey Fletcher
Subject: Part 27 Two Jubilees and One Spitfire.This is a story that involves sex between males. If such a story is
offensive, or illegal for you to read where you live, then do not continue,
go and surf elsewhere.This is a work of fiction and in no preteen lolita little babe
way draws on the lives of any specific
person or persons. If there is any similarity to any real persons or events
it is entirely coincidental.The work is copyrighted (c) by the author and may not be reproduced in any
form without the specific written permission of the author. It is assigned
to the Nifty Archives under the terms of their submission agreement but it
may not be copied or archived on any other site without the written
permission of the author.My thanks to Michael who has read this through and made a number of
corrections and suggestions. Any remaining errors , grammatical, ls magazine lolita pictures
or historical or whatever are entirely my fault.I am trying to use terms that were used by us who were young in the UK at
that time, and not to use anachronistic lolita cp 13 yo
young girls lolitas nude
terms, like gay, blow job, wank,
and cum. It is surprising how difficult it is.If you want to comment on the story then do contact me on I aim to reply to all messages.Two Jubilees and One Spitfire. Part 27 Four white buttons and Christmas
1958.Resume:- Trevor studying for a PH.D. at Nottingham University has met Kundi
an engineering undergraduate from Nigeria.Part 27.Early one morning four days before Christmas Trevor and Kundi set off in
Trevor's Morris Traveller for Leytonstone. It was a top lolita lolli sites
lengthy journey in
those days. Though there was less traffic than there was later to be,
there were no motorways, no M1, though work on construction of the first
section was soon to begin. There was no London Orbital road, the M25,
though there was the North Circular Road with its frequent traffic lights,
narrow stretches and roundabouts. It was lunch time when they arrived at
Chelmsford Road. The house was cold. The last person there had been
Isaac on a short working visit to London five weeks before. The fire had
been laid, so that was soon lit. There was shopping to do, beds to be
aired with hot water bottles, and the place swept and dusted. Trevor knew
exactly what was to be done, and ordered Kundi around whenever there was a
job he could do.The water had heated in the back boiler, and they were able to have a bath
together. Trevor told Kundi about the first time he had used the bath with
Isaac many years before. The bathroom was not so steamy, as there was now
a heater in the room. So there was not the need to rush into the living
room to dry yourself before the warmth of the fire. They were early to bed,
because there were things they wanted to do before sleeping. The bed was
warm from the last of the hot water bottles. They both got into bed as
quickly as possible, and straight into each other's arms."Think of it, a night together. No having you slip away back to the
Bamfords," said Kundi."I can keep my cock up you all night," said Trevor."No way. It's going to be my dong up you.""If you shoot your load more than once, I shall be flushed out of the bed.""No, I shall hold on to you.""In which case I will swell up like a balloon and burst."They started kissing and rubbing hands over each other, and thrust at each
other cock to cock."Love you, Kundi. Every part of you.""Love you too. You've made my time in England wonderful. I'm beginning to
dread going back to nude teen tgp loli
Nigeria.""So am I. Don't talk about it. It is more than eighteen months away."They eventually came to just after ten o'clock the next morning. It was
not that they had slept without interruption. One or other of them had
woken about every two hours or so, and they had had a further session of
love making."My arse is sore," said Kundi "I don't think I'll be able to keep it going
at that frequency for the next two weeks.""What about my arse? With your great dong demanding admission every hour
on the hour!"Kundi laughed. "That was the most wonderful night of my life!""And many more to come."They had a busy day getting ready for Isaac and Heinie who were expected to
arrive in the early evening. Isaac phoned from Victoria to say that they
should be in Leytonstone within the hour. Trevor and Kundi began the final
countdown for the meal."What's Isaac like? Will he like me?" Kundi was full of questions, as he
was rather fearful of coming face to face with the man who had been, and
still was, so important in Trevor's life. Kundi and Trevor were in the
kitchen working on the meal when Isaac and Heinie arrived. They did not
hear Isaac's key in the front door, and it was only when Isaac opened the
door into the living room and called out, "Anybody at home?" that Trevor
knew they had arrived."Isaac!" shouted Trevor and promptly rushed from the kitchen into the
living room and straight into Isaac's arms. Heinie followed Isaac, and
Kundi slowly followed Trevor.Heinie took the initiative, and stepping round Isaac and Trevor, he held
out his hand to Kundi. "I'm Heinie, and you must be Kundi. Those two
will be at it for ten minutes or more," he nodded towards the two hugging
and kissing each other, "So we have to make our own introductions." They
shook hands warmly. "I've heard a lot about you from Isaac. It is good
to put a face to a name."Kundi looked at Heinie. So this was the man whose friendship with Isaac had
so disturbed Trevor. He seemed a nice enough person, though that was
what Trevor had said.Trevor and Isaac's clinch did not last for the full ten minutes, as Trevor
suddenly remembered he had left something on the gas stove.They all had a glass of sherry, and while Isaac and Heinie refreshed
themselves after their journey, Trevor did the final work on the meal.Soon they were all seated round the table eating a ham joint that Trevor had
roasted. {Isaac did not observe the strict dietary laws of a strictly
orthodox Jew.} There was a lot of catching up of news, especially between
Isaac and Trevor. Kundi felt he was just an onlooker, but then Heinie
started engaging him in conversation. When the meal was over Trevor and
Kundi did the washing up, while Isaac and Heinie unpacked. Then they all
retreated to the comfort of the front room.Christmas Eve was a busy day. The final postal delivery brought a card and
letter from Paul Driffield. It had been planned that Trevor would go down
to Winchfield for a long weekend before returning to Nottingham and lolita angels 11 17
would return to Nottingham by train. But Paul's letter suggested a change
of plan: would Kundi like to join Trevor in coming down to
Gloucestershire. Kundi was initially very hesitant, Trevor had told him
about Paul's background and family, his father a knight and a retired Major
General, and the large house he lived in, set in its own grounds. Trevor
eventually persuaded him. In the afternoon he rang Paul to say that Kundi
would be coming with him.There was the final Christmas Eve shopping to be done. They kept to their
usual custom and listened to the service of Nine Lessons and Carols from
King's College, Cambridge. sun bbs lolitas preteens
Over the years that service had marked for
them, as for so many throughout the world, the real beginning of Christmas.Trevor and Heinie did the washing up after the evening meal. They talked
together."It's good to see you again, Trevor.""You too. Isaac keeps me posted with all your news.""And me of yours. You seem happier than you were when we last met.""You think so.""You're certainly more relaxed with me. Is it because of Kundi?"Trevor turned from the sink to face Heinie. "May be. We're very happy
together.""I know you found my friendship with Isaac difficult in some respects. You
will always be his Number One.""I did not like myself, Heinie. I was glad for Isaac that he had you in
Germany. It was almost made more difficult because I saw that you were a
good man, and I liked you. The person I did not like was myself. But
you're right, I do feel better about it all. Yes, I think I am more
relaxed.""So all is well between us?""Yes, Heinie." They put their arms round each other for a warm hug, and
several kisses."You're a fine man, Trev.""I'm not so sure about that. lolita youngest girl sex
There some parts of me I don't like.""Are there not in us all! Kundi is an interesting man. Do you know I have
never talked to an African with any degree of seriousness, or indeed
intimacy, before.""You want to be careful. He can be a great tease at times." Trevor told
Heinie some of the stories of how Kundi had teased Betty Bamford. Heinie
laughed.When Trevor and Kundi were cuddled together in bed. Before they went to
sleep they talked."I think Heinie's interested in you, Kundi.""In me? In what way? You don't mean he wants sex with me, do you?""Yea. I think he may.""But I am yours, and nobody else's.""We are each other's, with all the freedom of love. I don't own you. I'm
not your master, and you're not my boy.""But I would not go with anyone else, in case I hurt you.""I know that. But I cannot hold on to you. What is going to happen to us
in eighteen months time when you have to go home to Nigeria? I think I
have now come to fully young naked lolita galleries
accept Isaac and Heinie. I am happier in
myself....with myself, about them. And you have helped over that."
Trevor kissed Kundi, and reached down to find a growing hardness in the
African's crotch. "I love you Kundi, a lot, and I don't love Isaac any the
less, because I love you. I know the truth of Isaac's saying `Love
multiplied is never love diminished.' I think I can begin to see that I
love Heinie too.""Good. I'm glad about that. But I want my dong where it feels at home,
safely in one of his two homes."They both giggled. "I want it up my arse, and it can stay there for as
long as it wants.""No more soreness down there.""No, none at all."Trevor reached out for the Vaseline. He prepared himself, and asian lola teenie young
handed it
over to Kundi who anointed his dong.. They had perfected penetration on
their sides. Very soon Kundi's dong was safely in the haven where it would
be.When Trevor had first come to live with him, Isaac had made sure Christmas
was as traditionally English as he could make it. loli little girl suck
There was always an
exchange of presents. Trevor had even hung up his stocking for the first few
years, even though he knew it was Isaac who put things into it. First
thing in the morning while they were still in bed small presents were
exchanged. It was in the afternoon that Isaac gave Trevor several larger
presents, as he had done when he had given him his first bicycle. Isaac
had always given several presents because except for a small present from Mr
and Mrs Stevens next door, and a small monetary gift from the Ladies of
Strontian, Trevor had had no grandparents, or aunts and uncles to give him
gifts.Trevor was the first to wake on Christmas morning. He slipped out of bed
without waking Kundi, and made his way downstairs. He relieved himself
while the kettle boiled. Then he put a large pot of tea on a tray and made
his way upstairs. He put the tray on the chest of drawers in his room.
Kundi sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes."You're beautiful, Kundi. Just seeing you in my bed turns me on.""Who's the one who can't be satisfied?""Both of us, fortunately."They both laughed.Trevor poured out the tea, and handed a cup to Kundi. Then he picked up
the tray and made his way into the front bedroom. "You awake?" he said.
Isaac was already awake, and Heinie stirred."Trev, you're an angel.""Appropriate for the season." commented Trevor."That's just what I need." Isaac nudged Heinie, "Wake up sleepy head,
there's a cup of tea for you."I need to unload some liquid before I take any in," said Heinie. He
grabbed his dressing gown, and went down stairs. Isaac switched on an
electric fire, and followed him. Trevor went back and got back into bed
with Kundi.When Isaac came upstairs, he went into Trevor's room. "What are we going
to do about first presents? Let's all get into the bed in my room, two at
one end, and the other two at the other end. Trevor and Kundi put on
their dressing gowns and went into the front bedroom. Isaac and Heinie
were at the proper end of the bed, and Trevor and Kundi pulled out the
sheets and blankets, and got in at the foot of the bed. There was an
adjustment of legs in the middle. Trevor was facing Isaac and Heinie facing
Kundi."First time I've even been in bed with an African," said Heinie."Same for me," commented Isaac."But not for me, I'm pleased to say," said Trevor with a triumphant grin on
his face."I never thought I would be in bed with three white men, all of whom like
having it off with men," said Kundi.They all laughed. The business of giving of presents began. They were all
small gifts, like handkerchiefs, or socks, key rings, and other small
items.Trevor was first and opened his present from Isaac. Automatically he
clambered across to give Isaac a `thank you' kiss.The next was from Heinie to Kundi. It was two pairs of socks. "Thank you,
Heinie, just what I need to keep my feet warm this winter."When Kundi did not move, Heinie said, "Don't I get a kiss?"Kundi now clambered across to give Heinie a kiss. His dressing gown fell
open down to his waist, giving Heinie a good look at his smooth chest, and
very dark nipples.The exchange of presents continued, each giving the donor a `thank you,'
kiss.When it came to Kundi's present to Heinie, the present was no sooner opened
and Heinie was across to kiss Kundi. His dressing gown fell completely open
so that both Trevor and Kundi were treated with a full sighting of Heinie's
interesting parts. Both liked what they saw. But the kiss that Heinie
gave Kundi was more prolonged than any of the others had been. Kundi
responded. But when Heinie went back to his place, they were treated with
the sight of an almost erect penis."You've got a hard on, Heinie," said Trevor.They all laughed as Heinie blushed and tried to cover himself completely.
But Isaac was having none of that. "Let's see." He pulled the bed clothes
off Heinie and pulled aside the dressing gown, in spite of some resistance
from Heinie. "He's mamadas relatos lolitas incesto
got a nice one. Knows how to use it now, since I taught
him," said Isaac. Isaac looked at Trevor and was happy to see him relaxed
and laughing. Heinie russian little lolita galleries
looked at Kundi to see his reaction. He was pleased
to see that Kundi looked interested in what he had seen.They remained in silence for a moment. "What was that all about?" asked
Isaac.What Isaac and Trevor did not know was that under the bed clothes Heinie's
legs were alongside and touching Kundi's and all the while he had been
rubbing his leg against the African's, who after some hesitation had started
to respond."This is an interesting situation, perhaps we need to get things sorted
out, and some ground rules laid down. Trevor and I go back along way.
Heinie and I are in a relationship. Trevor and Kundi are in a
relationship. As far as I know nothing has ever happened between Trevor
and Heinie, and I know nothing has happened between Kundi and Heinie and
myself. Do we keep the having of fun to what has gone on in the past, or
do we enjoy each other as and when we want to? We must not force anyone to
do something they don't want to do." He was silent for a moment, while
all eyes were on him. "I know how we'll do it. I'll put a dark pot with a
narrow neck in the bathroom, and put the button box beside it. There are
a lot of white japanise russian child lolita
and various coloured buttons in nude lolita photos sites
it. If you want to lolitas teen virgin video
be able
to have fun with the rest then put in a white button. If you do not want
to do it, put a coloured button in. At lunch time I will empty the pot,
and if there are four white buttons in it, we can all have fun, but if
there is one or more coloured buttons, then no new fun, if you know what I
mean. Is that all right?"They all nodded in agreement They had the rest of the morning to think it
over.The table was laid with the heavy silver cutlery that Isaac and Trevor had
inherited from the Ladies of Strontian. They only used it on special
occasions. They had a traditional free lolita mpegs videos
Christmas meal of roast turkey with all
the trimmings, followed by Christmas Pudding carried triumphantly
enveloped in flames by Isaac. They sat back replete. Nobody wanted to
move, as all knew there was a lot of washing up waiting to be done in the
kitchen.It was Isaac who made the first move. He went out to the bathroom to bring
in the pot in which the buttons had been placed. He turned it upside down
and the buttons poured out onto the table. There were four coloured ones
and five white one's."What on earth?" exclaimed Trevor. "How come?" queried Heinie. "A
miracle!" giggled Kundi."I put four coloured buttons in, angelslolitas and virgins models
and one white one, so that if one of us
had voted against he would not know whether he was the only one or not.""You would know!" accused Trevor."Yes, but I'm the oldest, hairy pussy lolitas nude
wisest, and most discreet of the company, and
would not have revealed those statistics! Now let's get everything cleared
away, and the washing up done. There's the Queen's speech at tiny nude lolita bbs
3.00, we must
listen to that.""Does the Queen speak on the radio at Christmas time?" asked Heinie."Yes. It is a custom started by her grandfather, George V and followed by
her father George VI." explained Isaac."I saw Georgie Five at his Silver Jubilee. I remember sitting on my Dad's
shoulder watching the procession go by." said Trevor.They all worked together clearing the table, washing and wiping up and
putting things away. They listened to the Queen's speech and collapsed
into the comfortable chairs. Isaac slept, Trevor and Heinie dozed, and
Kundi read the Guardian, and tried with little success to do the King
William's Quiz. [See footnote]It was late in the evening after a game of canasta that Heinie asked Kundi
about his schooling in Nigeria."My first school master was a witch doctor."Trevor looked up because he knew that Kundi had been taught, and well taught
too, at a Mission School run by the Church Missionary Society. But he knew
what was going on and said nothing."He was a big, big man," continued Kundi. "At school he wore a loin cloth
made of lion skin, and wore a head-dress made of feathers and human skin.
He did teach us to read and write, but he taught us other things as well.""Such as?""When we were about eleven or twelve he would ask two boys to come to his
hut for the night. When we told our parents they were pleased for us,
because that showed we were being highly favoured. He got us to help him
prepare a meal, underage lolita nymphets bbs
and all the lolitas jovencitas videos x
time talked to us, telling us about our tribe.
When it was time to sleep, he set a light on a shelf and told the two of us
to undress. We were hesitant at first, because though we had seen each
other often enough at the river, we did not undress in front of adults.
He watched us undress. `Good, you have good bodies, and soon will be
men." He paused for a moment. "Now undress me!" We were horrified at the
idea. To undress and see a naked man was taboo. `Go on do what I tell
you,' he said. With a certain amount of hesitation we took off his head
gear, removed the cloak round his shoulders, and then both wanting to
look, and not to be seen looking, we took off his loin cloth. His cock
seemed tremendous, even though it was soft. It was long and thick, and lay
back on a pair of colossal testicles. `Go on touch it. Hold it.' Our
hands reached out and touched it. `Does yours get hard yet?' We both
nodded. `Go on, hold it.' My friend put his hand round the teacher's
cock and immediately it began to grow hard. `Now let Kundi hold it, and
feel it growing.' I held and watched as the pink head popped out of his
foreskin. `It's so big,' I said. `Yours'll be as big one day. Are yours
hard now.' We both nodded. He reached out and held our cocks. It felt
wonderful. Then he made us get on the bed with him."This was all too much for Trevor. He tried to stifle his laughter, but
failed."You're teasing me, Kundi." shouted Heinie.Trevor and Isaac fell about with laughter.Heinie grabbed Kundi and started tickling him. Now Kundi was very
ticklish, he collapsed in helpless laughter, and tried to push Heinie
off. Heinie continued, enjoying getting his own back, and even more
getting his hands on Kundi. Soon the two of them were on the floor with
Heinie on top tickling Kundi at all the vulnerable spots. He stopped and
looked down at Kundi. Then he lowered his face hardcore nude lolita underage
and gave him a kiss.
Kundi immediately responded. The kissing became passionate, and Heinie
pressed his body down onto Kundi. They were obviously enjoying it.Isaac and Trevor watched for a while."Isaac, I think we'd better leave these two to it. Let us go up to bed,
they can either sleep down here, or in my bed."It was like old times for Isaac and Trevor. They fell into bed and
cuddled, and as naked lolita saian kids
so often they talked."I am glad of this opportunity, Trev for a serious chat with you. There are
a number of matters I want to talk over with you. First, the Bank are
thinking of opening a branch in Tel Aviv, and I think I'll be asked to take
on the job. What would you think about that?""You've always wanted to go to Israel. When it declared its independence,
way back, you said you'd like to live there.""It'd be a long way from you.""True. But air travel is becoming easier and cheaper. I presume you'd
still have to come to this country from time to time. Any way I don't know
where I might end up. I might go to the States, or where ever. But what
about Heinie? He'll miss you.""I think both Heinie and I have realised all along that our relationship is
not for life. He would never want to live away from West Germany. I could
never live permanently in West Germany.""You must do, Isaac, what you want to do. We will always be special to
each other, but does that have to mean going back to living together. We
have increasingly been living apart. There was National Service, then
University, and now I'm in Nottingham and you're in Frankfurt. We keep in
close touch. We write to each other every week. As I say we'll soon be
thinking of Israel as no further away than we used to think of Paris or even
Vienna. We can get to Tel Aviv by plane now in the time that it would have
taken to get to Paris a hundred years ago. This old world is shrinking in
its old age.""But there is also what to do with this house. If we are to keep it on, it
needs money lola s little models
spent on it. Should we make the back bedroom the bathroom, and
enlarge the kitchen. Several people in the road tiny lolita love pics
have done that. We ought
to get one of these immersion heaters, so that we can have hot water all
the year round, and not just when we russian preteen nymph lolita
light the fire with the back boiler.
This is your home as much as mine, Trev. I think if I went to live in
Israel I would sell it, but there's no way I would leave you without a
base.""When is this Israel post likely to come up?""It is only being talked about at the moment. I can't say.""Let's modernise this place during this spring and summer. It will increase
its value if you want to sell it," said Trevor."Thanks Trev, we'll talk some more. But there is something I want to do.""I was wondering when you would get round to what's really important. I
suppose you want to suck my cock!""Of course. lolita nn inez nele
I have enjoyed doing that since that first time when you were a
small kid sitting on my lap.""Remember when I first shot my load?""I should say. The sweetest drink I ever tasted.""So much has happened over the years," mused Trevor. "Isaac I owe you so
much.""And I owe you a lot. You gave me a purpose in life. You have given my
love, abundant overflowing love. You have helped me. Remember how you
helped me when I was remembering all my relations lost in the holocaust?"Isaac began by kissing Trevor at the top of his forehead. He worked his
way down, kissing both eyes, and the top of the nose. Then kissing
softly the nose, and lips. There were many kisses placed on Trevor's
lips. Then Isaac continued downward. Trevor's chin and neck received
attention. Then down his breast with a diversion to the nipples, lolicon 3d real preteen
were licked, and gently nibbled, as well as kissed. Then down to the
navel. Then down the treasure trail across Trevor's stomach until Isaac
came to the hairy profusion that guarded the approach to the tower of
Trevor's cock, which was standing hard and proud like a lighthouse. In
that slow journey Isaac paused several times to mutter, the simple words,
"Love you, Trev."Trevor lay on his back, glorying in the loving attention that Isaac was
giving him, knowing that Isaac was enjoying the giving as much as he was
enjoying the receiving. Every part of Trevor's cock, balls and the
surrounding area, was licked, kissed and sucked."Dear Isaac," said Trevor. "It seems even better every time you do it."They took their time, but eventually Trevor lost control, and he shot his
sperm deep into Isaac's mouth in a body shaking orgasm. They spent a while
in each other's arms recovering. Then Trevor got out of girls lolita bbs naked
bed and lubricated
himself and Isaac's cock, and lay young lolita hot 16teen
on his stomach.Isaac positioned himself, and after fondling Trevor's buttocks for a few
moments positioned his cock and slowly penetrated. When he had mad a full
penetration he took most of his weight on his arms, and lowered himself
onto Trevor's back. He kissed his neck and nibbled at his ears. Isaac was
in full control of the situation, and enjoyed the feel of his cock
sheathed in Trevor's arse, and his balls resting on Trevor's buttocks."Do you mind me taking my time, Trev? Am I too heavy?""No. This is great. Just carry on."Isaac enjoyed gripping Trevor with his thighs, and the feel of Trevor's
hairy legs against his inner thighs. But lollipop girls jan mclean
eventually he too passed the point
of no return. He plunged his cock deep into Trevor, and went rigid.
They both felt the white hot spunk spurt out into Trevor. They fell asleep
in each other's arms, and slept through until the morning.The next morning Kundi got Trevor alone. "You all right Trev?""Yes. Why?""You didn't mind what happened with me and Heinie?""No, I did put a white button in the pot, and I told you he was after you.
Did you enjoy it?""Yes. Very much. It was different. He's only the second man I've done
that with, but it was good.""I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had a great time with Isaac, though it must
have been well over the thousandth time. But I look forward to sleeping
with you again, my hot sexy little African friend."Kundi giggled. "Yes, my lovely big English friend."It was three evenings later that the quadrilateral was completed. Trevor
and Heinie had cleared away the meal, and were in the kitchen doing the
washing up. Trevor was standing at the sink, while Heinie did the wiping
up. They had been talking about a concert that both had been to at the
Festival Hall at which they had heard Brahm's German Requiem. tiny girls pretty lolitas
When there
was a pause in their conversation Heinie reached out a hand and felt
Trevor's left buttock."That feels nice," said sun bbs lolita pics
Trevor."I've been wanting to do that for a long time!" Heinie continued to fondle
Trevor's buttock."Have you, really?""Since soon after we first met. I did not dare make the first move. I did
not want to upset you further."Trevor turned and held his hands, which were dripping soap suds from the
washing up bowl, to one side, and lent his bottom back against the edge of
the sink. Heinie moved forward and pressed his crotch against Trevor's."You are one sexy guy, Trevor." He lent further forward and gave Trevor a
kiss.Trevor wiped his hands on his trousers, and reached round and held Heinie.
They kissed."What made you make a legal lolita nude books
first move now?" asked Trevor."You put a white button in Isaac's pot. The circle is still incomplete."Trevor gave Heinie one of his cheeky grins. And with his hands on Heinie's
buttocks pulled him closer."There is something I want to do to you," said Heinie."What's that?""Isaac says you have the most suckable cock in the whole world."Trevor laughed. "I suppose he has sucked every other one!""I don't know about that. He has told me he has loved sucking you cock ever
since you first met. When you were a boy."Trevor chuckled. "Well then! What's stopping you."Heinie looked up into Trevor's face and received a slight nod. He knelt
down in front of Trevor, and undid his flies. He reached in and pulled
out Trevor's almost hard cock. He reached in again, and cupping Trevor's
balls got them out as well. "You are beautiful, Trev. preteen loli latina models
I'm going to see
if you taste as good." He began by kissing Trevor's cock and balls all
over. A small drop of clear liquid appeared on the head of Trevor's penis.
Heinie licked it off. "And that tastes good too." He put his lips
round the head of lolita bbs sex pics
the cock, and played with the head with his tongue.
Then gripping the cock with his lips he pushed his head forward.Trevor opened his legs slightly making more room, and sighed with
contentment. He put his hands on Heinie's thick blond hair and stroked it.At some stage the door into the kitchen opened, and Kundi stood for a
fleeting moment, mouth open in surprise, before muttering, `Sorry' and
disappearing back into the front room.Heinie then began to reach up and undo Trevor's belt, and the rest of new petite lolitas pics
flies. He pulled the trousers down to Trevor's feet. He now had a full
view of Trevor. nude very young lolitas
He saw for the first time the scar at the top of Trevor's
thigh from the wound he had received in Korea."Korea?" asked Heinie, looking up into Trevor's face.Trevor nodded."Poor you!" Heinie then kissed the scar. He put his mouth back to
Trevor's cock, while his hand explored his balls, perineum, and buttocks.
He was gentle in his actions, and was arousing Trevor to an increasing
height of sexual arousal."I'm not far off shooting my load, " whispered Trevor.Heinie continued with an increased rate of sucking. He felt Trevor's cock
harden, then go into spasm as several jets of sperm filled his mouth.
He continued to suck until Trevor's cock grew soft and limp. He looked up
at Trevor. "Can we sleep together tonight?""I should say. There lolitas pedo world million
are things I want to do to you, Heinie. I haven't
even seen your free private lolita movie
cock properly yet, just a fleeting glimpse the other
morning, let alone get my hands on you."Heinie stood up, and they stood close together with arms around each other,
kissing deeply.Meanwhile Kundi had gone back into the front room, and sat on the settee
alongside Isaac."You weren't gone long," said Isaac."No. Trev and Heinie were busy in the kitchen.""Not still washing up?""No. Heinie was on his knees in front of Trevor washing his cock in his
mouth." giggled Kundi."Good, I'm glad that has happened." He looked at Kundi and grinned, and
Kundi grinned back, both knew what that meant. "You all right about it?""Yes, I did put a white button in the pot. I considered every
eventuality.""Did you now." Isaac put an arm long the back of the settee and rested a
hand on Kundi's shoulder.Kundi snuggled closer to Isaac. "Can I ask you a question?""Of course.""You're a Jew aren't you?""Yes," said Isaac slowly, thinking he knew what was coming."Are you circumcised?""Yes. All Jews are circumcised.""Did it hurt?""I've forgotten. I was a baby when it happened a few days old. I gather
you're not circumcised?""Some African tribes circumcise, and, of course, the Moslems in the north
do. They do it when the boy is older, and it's painful then.""I bet. Have you seen a circumcised penis.?""No. Never.""And I suppose you want to see mine?""Yes," replied Kundi, looking Isaac fully in the face, and then giggling."Well, go on then, whenever best lolita free clips
you want." said Isaac with a grin.But Kundi did something else first, he put his face forward and kissed
Isaac. They kissed. naked young french lolitas
"And thank you.""What for?" said Isaac with some surprise."For Trevor. You made him what he is, and I love him. He has been so good
to me. Not just sex, a really good friend in every way.""He's a good lad," assented Isaac. "I'm rather proud of him, and love him
too."They kissed and cuddled, and eventually Kundi's hand began to explore
Isaac's thigh and move towards his crotch."Is it true, Kundi, that Africans have big cocks?""Hasn't Trevor told you about my fourteen inch dong?""No!""Well, you'll have to discover that for yourself."Isaac's hands now began to explore Kundi. Soon Kundi had his first sight
of a circumcised penis, and Isaac of an African's dong.It was at that point that Trevor put his head round the door. He was
pleased with what he saw. "Heinie and I are off to my bed," said Trevor
softly, and quietly closed the door. He and Heinie made their way
upstairs and into what was usually called Trevor's bedroom. Trevor turned
on the electric fire, to put a little warmth into the bitterly cold room.
"Can I undress you, Heinie?""If you're quick about it. I don't know how you English live in such cold
houses. It is as bad as being in Germany just after the war when there was
no fuel."Trevor came across the room, and gave Heinie a kiss. And immediately began
undoing his clothing, more by feel than by sight. He did not delay, but
appreciated what he saw when Heinie's naked flesh come into view."Can I get into bed now?" said Heinie, with a shiver, as the last sock came
off.Trevor patted him on his bottom, and Heinie dived into bed. Trevor did not
take long to undress, - carefully folding his clothes as he had been trained
by Isaac. He turned off the electric fire and joined Heinie in bed. It
felt cold so they cuddled closely sharing each other's warmth."I see you as a sort of brother," said Heinie. "Perhaps we're step
brothers. You are Isaac's full son, and I'm an adopted son. We both owe
Isaac a lot. You - a great many years of love and care. Me - not for so
long. So brother Trevor, let us consummate our relationship.""Sounds rather incestuous to me," said Trevor with a chuckle. He reached
down and found Heinie's cock. "Isaac said you'd got a good one of these!""It's all yours; however you want.""I think I want to give it some oral ministry first," said Trevor,
burrowing under the bedclothes. "Make sure I have an air supply." He took
a quick proper look at Heinie's equipment, and began to apply himself to
the work in hand, [or should it be the work in mouth?]. Trevor gave Heinie
a great deal of pleasure, but did not push it towards a climax. After a
lengthy ministration he wriggled up the bed until he was face to face with
Heinie. "Now I want you to deposit a load lolita pic non nude
of German love juice inside my
arse, as an atonement for the bombs, doodlebugs and rockets your lot
deposited near me when I was a kid.""That's an act of atonement I am more than willing to make." Heinie
paused. "But there is one problem.""What's that?""That is not a sufficient act of atonement. I shall have to do it many
times, and also there must be English love juice deposited on this German
target." Heinie said this without any trace of a smile or humour.Trevor just giggled, as Kundi would have done; and kissed Heinie. "Now
get on and prepare the target, there is some oil to ease things over here."
He reached out and handed Heinie a small bottle, and turned onto his
tummy.Heinie ran his hands over Trevor's back and buttocks. "You're beautiful,
Trev. Were you as beautiful as this when you were a lad?""You'll have to ask Isaac about that. He seemed to find me satisfactory at
every age."Heinie gently began to work his fingers into Trevor's crack. Trevor
groaned with pleasure. Heinie put some of the oil on his fingers, and
worked them over Trevor's sensitive entrance. That brought forth increased
groans of pleasure from Trevor. Without a word being spoken Trevor parted
his legs and Heinie knelt between. Keeping one finger on the target,
Heinie placed his cock-head in position. russian lolita jpg xxx
Very slowly he began to push.
After a moment his cock head was in. He paused and then slowly made the
entry into Trevor."You've got a lovely bum, Trev.""And you've got a lovely cock. That feels good. Every inch of it."Heinie began to nuzzle into Trevor's neck, and to nibble at one of Trevor's
ears with his index of preteen lolita
lips. He then moved lightly altering the angle of his cock.
Immediately he knew he was well and truly on target, as Trevor juddered
beneath him."Take it slowly. Don't rush," instructed Trevor.Heinie early teen lolita free
slowly pushed and pulled with his cock, rubbing it over Trevor's
trigger point; but making sure he did not bring Trevor to his climax. It
was Heinie who climaxed first. He felt the molten spunk boil within, his
cock thickened and hardened even more. He increased the frequency of his
thrusts, and with a cry the spunk poured out deep into Trevor. That
brought the man beneath him to his climax, and Trevor felt his own spunk
pour out onto the pillow beneath him.It was much later that one of them woke, and the performance was repeated
the other way round.For all four of them at 37 Chelmsford Rd that Christmas, the end of their
time together came too soon. Heinie had to return to Germany. Isaac had
some work to do in London, and to make arrangements for work to be done on
the house, before he too returned to Frankfurt. Trevor and Kundi set off
for their long weekend down in Gloucestershire.Kundi was even more nervous about what was in store than Trevor had been
when he first visited Paul and met his parents."Don't worry, Kundi my love," said Trevor rubbing his left hand, as he
drove, up and down Kundi's thigh. "The English upper classes may often be
snobs, and unspeakable in some ways, but when they invite you to their
homes, they take you to their hearts. Don't worry; just be your usual
cheerful uncensored little lolitas toplist
self.""But I'm still nervous," muttered Kundi. "Do I call Paul's father, Sir
George or what?""I called him Sir the first time I visited, and he soon told me to call him
George, and his wife Betty. I expect he will do the same with you.""I shall find that hard to do," murmured Kundi.When they drove up to Winchfield Manor, Paul rushed out to welcome them
before they could open the car door. His parents were not far behind.
Introductions were made."Any friend of Trevor's is a friend of ours," said Paul's father, giving
Kundi a warm handshake.Paul's mother gave Trevor a warm hug and a kiss. "It seems ages since you
were last here. Paul will show you to your rooms, while I go and get some
tea."Paul grabbed a couple of cases out of the back of the Morris Traveller, and
led the way indoors, and upstairs. "I hope you don't mind, I've managed
to persuade Mother to place you both in the servant's quarters. I've put
Kundi in the room over the kitchen. It's the warmest bedroom in the whole
house, as the Aga in the room below never goes out, and one wall of the
bedroom is always slightly warm. Almost central heating. I have put you
in the room next to him, that is almost as warm. I thought you'd want to
be close together." Paul turned and winked at Trevor and Kundi as they
followed him up the staircase. "This is my room, as Trevor knows. The
parent's room is at the other end of the house."The rooms in which Trevor and Kundi had been placed were small, but cosy.
Kundi's room felt slightly warm."Does Paul know the score between us?" whispered Kundi when they were alone."Yes. He knows all about me, and I've told him you're a `special'
friend. He's arranged all this so we can sleep together without his parents
knowing.""Is he""No, free lolita hentai porn
not at all. Pity in many ways. But he's not. He's a great guy,
been a good friend, and I love him a lot.""He is a stunner," said Kundi. "Pity he's likely to be wasted on some girl!
I wouldn't mind a tumble in the jungle with him!""Kundi!" exploded Trevor, before giving Kundi a hug and a kiss.They did spend every night in one or the other's bed. On the first morning
Paul brought them a cup of tea. He sat on the bed and talked, and the
three of them had their early morning cup of tea."I wondered if I'd find the two of you together. I ought to disapprove.
My fellow students at the parson factory would be horrified. But this is
what is natural and right for you both, and I am no spoil sport. As long
as you don't make me join in.""You can if you like," said Trevor with his cheeky grin."You're welcome," added Kundi.Paul laughed.The weekend was a great success. Kundi soon felt at home, and spun one of
his stories at Paul's expense, much to Sir George and Lady Elizabeth's
amusement. They even got Kundi on a horse, and initially he was even more
terrified than Trevor had been. But he soon took to it, and was a natural
rider, in a way that Trevor was not. On the final evening there was a
party, and several local friends and acquaintances. Kundi put on the
special attire he had worn at Trevor's birthday dinner and was the centre of
attention as the only non English person present, and the first real live
African most of them had met and talked to. Kundi loved the attention.But all too soon the break was over. Trevor and Kundi returned to
Nottingham. Paul went back to his theological college at Oxford. The
coming term would probably see him fixed up as to where he was to begin his
ordained ministry. Sir George and Lady Elizabeth returned to the even
tenor of their ways.Footnote:-King William's College Quiz. Every year on the last day of the autumn term
King William's College, a public school on the Isle of Man, sets all its
pupils a quiz. It can cover any and everything. It consists of ten
sections each one containing ten questions. The first section is always
about events a hundred years before, the last section about the year that
is passing. On the first day of the new term the pupils do the test a
second time, and are expected to do much better than when they did it
unseen. Friends and relations are called on to help. It is reputed to
have been passed round the UN Security Council on at least one occasion! It
is published in the Guardian on Christmas Eve, and the answers - after the
pupils have returned to school.Jeff:-

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