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Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 23:15:59 +0000
From: jacking bud
Subject: Twin Vacation - Part 12 It's been lolita preteen pics gallery
almost 17 years since the last entry. Hi, my name is Timmy
Jr., or TJ for short. I have a twin brother by the name of Johnny, Jr., or
JJ for short. If one has kept up with Dad's story, he would know that JJ
and I are twin. We're not identical twins, but rather very young lolitas tgp
fraternal twins.
Identical xxx preteen lol models
twins, for those who do not know, are twins that come from the
same egg from the mother's ovaries. That eggs splits, becoming two
fetuses. Fraternal twins are twins that emerge from 2 different eggs from
the mother's ovaries.
JJ and I are almost one of a kind twins. Yes, we a fraternal twins,
coming from 2 different eggs from our surrogate preteen lolitas nude art
mother's ovaries, however,
we have 2 different fathers. Our fathers are gay partners, having been
married in the state of Vermont. That's my little loli storie
where we current live.
Growing up with gay parents was a very difficult thing to do. Other
kids would make fun of us, calling us names, trying to start fights and
even calling our parents names like "fags", "queers," "butt buddies," among
At first, JJ and I would come home from school, crying because of the
verbal abuse we received from the other kids. However, Dad preteen loli ls magazine
and Daddy were
very good at soothing away the abuse we received from the other kids.
Please, do not take me the wrong way. Dad and Daddy never, ever
sexually took advantage of us. Not once did they even make any type of sex
advances toward either JJ or me. They were loving and caring; the best
parents anyone could as forth.
Like our parents, JJ and I are gay and have been having sexual
relations with each other for a few months, now. We understand, from
talking with our parents it is something that runs in the family, brotherly
love, I mean. We're just keeping the family tradition alive.
The first time we had sex was, as I said, a few months ago. I have
always admired JJ's body, every since I can remember and he mine. It
happened one night when I felt young lolitas picture sharing
our king-size bed moving. JJ was jerking
off, as he had done on numerous other occasions. I laid in bed beside JJ
as he jerked off. The room was dark as there were no lights on. I was so
horned up feeling the bed move, not to mention listening to the sounds of
JJ slapping his meat, his soft moans and his heavy breathing. Horny, as
fuck, I started to jerk my own dick off.
"You jerking, too?" JJ whispered.
"Fuck yeah, bro. I'm horny as fuck," I replied.
"Me, too," JJ responded to my reply. Seconds later, I felt JJ's hand
grasping my dick. "Here, let me help," JJ said his hand replaced my hand.
In response, without even thinking twice, I bbs lolitas and boys
grabbed JJ's dick and started
to jerk him off as he jerked on my dick.
It wasn't long before JJ replaced his hand on my dick with his 100 non nude lolitas
"What the fuck?" I grasped.
"Shut the fuck up and enjoy," JJ lolita pic jpg ls
said. He went back to sucking my
dick. It may have felt got, but it shocked the shit out of me when top 100 japanese loli
started sucking on my dick.
Soon I twisted my body around until I my face was in JJ's crotch. free russian lolita toplist
JJ was going to pleasure me in that way, I was going to do the same for
him.After all, we were twins and what one twin does, the other twin does as
well. We started moaning and groaning it felt so good.
I was getting close to cumming and I think JJ was, too. Our breathing
began to pick up, when all of a sudden the door flung open and then lights
came one. JJ and I both stopped sucking the other dick, surprised as hell
to see our fathers standing in the doorway.
Dad and Daddy, both started real amateur nude lolitas
to laugh as they saw us there with our
faces in each other crotch and our dicks in each others hands. JJ and I
both started to scramble out of our 69 position.
"Next time, don't be so loud about it," Dad said as he tried to stifle
his laughter.
"Yeah, we thought someone was sick or something," Daddy added. They
turned off the light and left the room, leaving JJ and me to continue our
playtime. We didn't resume it, however, well at least not right models lolita pussy videos
away. How
in the fuck can anyone resume sucking his brother off when he had just been
caught with his hand in the cookie jar, lolita slaves russian 12
so to speak.
At first, all we could do was stare at each other. Then we started to
laugh as well. We had totally forgot how our parents met each other as
well as the experiences they had shared with each other. If brother to
brother relationships were good enough for Dad, Daddy and their brothers
then it was good enough for us.
The next morning, we woke up to the smell of a delicious breakfast.
Both of us woke up with some very serious wood. When we wake up like that
we usually beat it way or else take a healthy piss. That morning was going
to be different.
This time it was me who initiated it. I gently rolled over on top of
JJ's body and looked in real lolita s pic
right in the eye.
"I love you, JJ," I said as I planted a kiss on pre lolita lolita
his lips.
"I love you to, TJ," JJ replied as he put his arms around my neck to
return my kiss. I could feel our dicks getting harder as they ground
against preteen nude lolita links
one another.
Nature began to take over and I started to lick my brother's ears and
neck. Neither of us had done anything like that. We were both virgins,
but it was like we lolita art and pics
had been lovers all of our lives. JJ was almost
convulsing as I made my way down his slender body.
I paid special attention to his nipples. To this day, JJ loves to have
attention paid to his nipples. Me, on the other hand, I go insane whenever
JJ pays attention to my belly button. Daddy says that I get that from him.
He, too, goes nuts whenever someone pays attention to his belly button.
Like father, like son I've always been told.
After I totally drive my brother crazy by licking his nipples, I
continued my journey to his dick. a lolita nude preteen
I lavished JJ's dick with my mouth and
tongue. I sucked on his nuts, one ball at a time. His like putty in my
hands. I don't know what possessed me at the time, but I lifted JJ's legs
and rammed my tongue in his asshole. This made JJ groan even louder than
ever. I also tir lolitas sexo nudes
found out later that Daddy also loves to rim and be preteen teen lolita pics
My tongue probed deep in young lolita sluts pics
JJ's hole. He was fucking loving it and so was I.
A knock came on the door.
"Boys, time for breakfast," came Daddy's voice from the other side of
the door. Damn, what a time for someone to call us for breakfast. I
immediately stopped chewing on JJ's ass. We put on our underwear best loli dark portal
proceeded down to breakfast. Saturdays were pretty casual as nobody wore
much of anything until we absolutely had to. Dad and Daddy were also in
their underwear, too.
"You boys sounded like you were enjoying yourself lastnight," Dad said
with a smile as elegant gothic lolita clothing
he peered from behind his newspaper. zeps lolitas bbs list
JJ and I looked at
each other embarrassedly.
"Don't be embarrassed about it, you two," Daddy said, trying to make
us feel better. "You have to remember that both Dad and I came from twin
brother relationships and from time to time still have sex with our twin
"Still?" I said as I looked at JJ.
"Yes, still," Dad added.
"Wow," JJ explained, "We knew that you and Uncle Tommy and Uncle Jimmy
had sex with each when you were younger, but we didn't know that you were
still having it."
"Yep," Daddy said, "everytime your Uncle Tommy and Uncle Jimmy come
for a visit, we find ourselves in bed with them.
"Cool," both JJ and I said at the same time.
"So don't worry about your having sex with each other," Dad said.
JJ and I looked loli pussy models pics
lolita girls underwear link
at each other and pushed our chairs away from the
"Hold on turbos," Daddy stopped us in our tracks, "you can at least
wait until you're done with breakfast. JJ and I reluctantly pulled our
chairs back up to the table. We hurriedly ate the remainder of our
breakfast and then headed up stairs. As we ran up the stairs we heard Dad
"Still wished we had that kind of energy."
"Yeah, especially in bed," Daddy said with a chuckle.
JJ and I jumped on the bed and started to neck. Moments later a knock
came on the door. It was Dad.
"Here, you may need this," he said as he lola tgp young free
threw a bottle at us. JJ and
I looked puzzled at each other (remember we were virgin at the time taboo little loli galleries
didn't know what a bottle of lube was for).
"You may also need this," he said as he gently tossed a video free galleries loli girls
tape our
way. We looked at the tape. We both got this shit-eating grin on our
faces when we realized that it was an X-rated lolitas nude pic xxx
video preteen pictures nymphets lolicon
and even a bigger grin
when we found out that it was a gay X-rated video.
JJ took the tape and quickly put it in the VCR player. We sat back on
the bed and watched as 2 guys lolita top lolita kiss
went at it. First, much like JJ and I had
already experienced with the necking and jerking off, but then our eyes got
as big as saucers as one little girls lolita lsm
of the guys squirted some lube on his dick and
then he pushed his dick into the other guy's ass.
I looked between JJ's legs and little lolita nudist pics
he was as hard as a rock. I was just
as hard.
"I didn't know 2 guys could do that to each other," free lolita pee pic
JJ said to me.
"I didn't either," I said in reply, "but it's fucking hot though.
"Oh, yeah, preteen lolita modelling bikinis
really hot," JJ said.
"Who's first?" I asked.
"What do you mean, 14 yo lolita biz
`Who's first?'?" JJ responded.
"Well, we weren't given this bottle of lube for nothing. And now that
we know what it's used for, I'm sure that Dad and Daddy were expecting us
to use it," russian lolita art galleries
I said with a chuckle.
"I do you and then you do me?" JJ half-assly asked.
"Sounds good," I said, "but remember once you do me, I DO get to do
"Deal," JJ said in return. I got on all fours like the guy in the
video did. JJ lubed up his dick and then lubed up my ass. He got behind
me and started to push is dick in to my hole.
"Ohhhhhhhhh, shit," I grimaced. "I didn't lolita nn thumb pics
know it was fucking going
to hurt. JJ stopped. The hurt stopped for a moment so I told JJ to
continue. We had to lolita preteen non nudemodels
stop several times to wait until the pain subsided and
then we would continue. Finally, JJ had his dick all the way in me.
He slowly pulled his dick almost all the way out of me and then
plunged himself forward. He then started to fuck me slowly. The pain soon
was replaced with pleasure.
"Fuck me harder," I commanded. JJ pounded my ass, he balls slapping
against my backside. "Yes, fuck me bro, fuck me hard." JJ continued to
fuck me hard. His breathing began to pick up and I knew that he was about
to blow his wad in my ass. I was right, it wasn't long and JJ's body went
rigid and he flooded my ass with his teenage spunk. Wrapping his arms
around loli bbs dark cp
my torso, JJ collapsed onto my back.
"That was fucking awesome," JJ said, "much better than jerking off. I
let JJ rest on my back for awhile.
"Okay, dude, my turn," I said. JJ pulled his soft dick out of my ass.
My ass oozed with JJ's cum. JJ then proceeded to eat his own cum from my
ass. It felt fucking hot. After JJ finished devouring his cum from my
ass, he got on all fours.
"Okay, bro, fuck me," he commanded. It didn't take me being told
twice to take my position behind my brother. I lubed up his ass and then
my dick and started to push my dick against my brother's hole.
"Owwwwwwww," JJ cried out xxx lolita nude delete
as he lowered his head against the bed. I
stopped. JJ got use to the pain and then told me to proceed, so I did. I
slowly bombarded his has with my dick. Soon I was to the hilt, my dick in
JJ's ass. Pumping my hips in and out, I fucked my brother's ass. It felt
so fucking good. It was better than jerking off. It wasn't long and I
began to breath heavily.
"That's it bro, pump my ass full of your cum. Come on let me have
it," said JJ. I responded with a groan and I filled his ass like JJ wanted
me to. Spent, I laid my head on JJ's back.
We heard a noise coming from the doorway. We turned and looked and
there were Dad and Daddy standing in the doorway. They chuckled to
themselves, kissed and then left. JJ and I looked at each other anime preteen lolita incest
and then
"I wonder lolita pantyhose picture galleries
how long they had yong nude lolitas bbs
been watching," JJ questioned.
"I don't know, but by looking at their crotches, they probably
witnessed most of it. We looked at each other and shy lolita 8yo porn
then shrugged it off.
JJ turned off the naked lolitas in nature
light that was on our nightstand. We held each other
tightly asian pree teen lolitas
and fell asleep.

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