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Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 15:10:58 -0800 (PST)
From: jason159159
Subject: Soccer Saturday-Twas the night after ChristmasDisclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. Any similarity
between real people, places or events is a coincidence. You
must be at least 18 years of age to read this story and it
must be legal where you live. This story contains
descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys, if you
feel you will be offended stop reading now. All others
please enjoy. Write me at to suggest
future ideas. This work is reserved for the enjoyment of my
readers and may not be reproduced or distributed in any form
except as provided for by Nifty and its mirror sites. yo 13 14 loli
Soccer Saturday
Twas the night after Christmas
Christmas morning was the usual big deal for my brother
Danny (13) and a little less dark cp kids lolita
of a deal for me. Oh, I'm Jason
(16) and Danny is the soccer player in the family and my
cute little brother. He woke me early Christmas morning
shaking my bed and urging me to get up. Like always, I
wanted to enjoy my sleep and did my best to put him off. He
wasn't going to be denied and soon he had dragged me down
the stairs to the living room where we had one of our trees.
Presents were strewn all around and Mom and Dad were sipping
coffee.The house was beautifully decorated for the season and the
trees were awesome. Mom loves Christmas and had the floral
people decorate the house from top to bottom. She finished
things with a few family decorations from Gram's house.
"Jason" Danny smiled; "this is fantastic" nn preteen lolita nude
as he sat preteen lolita bikini thong
on the
floor crossed legged and started sorting out the gifts. He
and I were both wearing old sweat pants and T nastia mouse lolita nude
shirts. Mom
and Dad had dressed. I plopped into the sofa and yawned. It
was too fucking early in the morning to get excited. Danny
passed out the gifts and Mom and Dad smiled as we started to
open them. "Excellent!" Danny gushed as he opened a box
containing a new lap top computer. I couldn't resist the
sarcastic line, "Dude, you got a Dell!" Danny looked at me
with a look that said, "Fuck You" and he went on to another
present. I opened a small box and 9 yo loli pics
found a very expensive
gold watch. I had been looking at them in the jewelry store
but thought that $4,000 for a watch was a little much. Mom
smiled, "Merry Christmas Jason" she said and I grinned.
"Thanks Mom" I said, "I really mean it". Danny opened
another package and found some games for his PS2 and then
there were the usual clothes, and everyday things we always
seemed to get. When we were near the end Dad stepped out of
the room and came back loaded down with new skis and poles.
"The boots are in the dining room" he said with a grin and
Danny and I ran to get the rest of our stuff. We each found
a full set of gear as well as new jackets. "This is great!"
I laughed as I tried on the new gear. Danny clomped around
in his new boots and we all enjoyed the show.I gave Mom a hug and cuddled close to Dad. Danny cuddled
close to Mom and we all sat on the sofa looking at the fire
in the fireplace. "This is a great Christmas" Danny
whispered as best lolita child top
he cuddled up close to Mom like a little six
year old. "Yeah" I said, "it really is" and gave Dad a hug.
Later that day, we went to Gram's house and had another
Christmas with her. It wasn't the same though, as Granddad
had died almost two years earlier. There was touch of
sadness. Danny and I had been remembered in the will and
Granddad's trust sent us a huge check every month. As far as
I was concerned, they could keep the money if I could have
had more time with him. We had dinner by candlelight and
Gram's household staff made everything perfect. All in all
it was a great day.The day after Christmas Mom and Dad headed to the airport
for a quick trip to San Diego. There was some business that
Dad needed to complete before the end of the year and they
planned to have a few days in the sun. Dad winked when he
said he was looking forward to some time alone with Mom. I
really didn't want to think about what they might be doing.
"Are you guys going to be alright?" Mom asked as she
supervised the suitcases being taken to the car. lolita art panty models
"We'll be
fine Mom" I said little lolita love portal
as I leaned closer and gave her a quick
kiss on the cheek. "Travis is coming over for a couple of
days lolita porn top list
and Danny has plans to go skiing bigge t lolitas tgp
with Brian and his
family." Dad shook my hand and said, "All set then, the
security guys will keep an eye open and you know how to
reach us if you need to" and with that they were out the
door. Danny was waiting in the drive and gave our folks a
hug as they loaded into the limo. In five minutes they were
gone.Danny walked back in and grinned, "So we gonna have some fun
now?" he giggled. He walked up to me and gave me a big hug.
I leaned down slightly and kissed him gently on the mouth.
Our tongues danced a gentle dance together. "Not just yet" I
said softly. "Travis will be here after supper, and then we
can play" Danny frowned a little and put his hand on my
crotch. "Sure you can wait that long?" He giggled. "Yeah" I
said softly pushing his hand away. "The question is can YOU
wait that long?" Danny shook his little lolli model pics
head, "Nope" he said, "I'm
so horny I could fuck a goat" He laughed as he stroked his
dick through his jeans.I put my hand on Danny's tummy just above the waist band of
his jeans and kissed him again. I hot lolita sexy gallery
eased my fingers under his
shirt and touched his baby soft skin. "Umm" I moaned while
kissing him, "Your tummy is so soft and warm" I whispered as
he leaned into me and rested the side of his head against my
chest. "Jase?" Danny whispered, "Please?" and I kissed him
again and then put my hand into his jeans and grabbed the
waist band. I turned toward the door and dragged Danny by
his pants toward the stairs. "Where are you taking me?"
Danny lolita girls naked pics
giggled and laughed as I pulled him by his underwear
and jeans up the stairs. "To Mom and Dad's room" I grinned.In a minute we were standing in our parent's bedroom and
Danny was once again kissing me with passion. My hand was
still down his pants but there wasn't much room to do
anything because they were still tightly buttoned and
zipped. I broke our kiss and used both hands to unbutton and
unzip my brother's 501's. He was wearing girls' panties
again. Something he liked to do from time to time. I pushed
his jeans down over his slim hips and his bubble butt stuck
out. The little white panties were decorated with red rose
stems private lolita nude collection
and little flowers. "So you still trying to be a
little girl?" I whispered as I stroked Danny's bottom with
one hand and ground my crotch into his dick. Danny leaned
into me again and rested his face against my chest as I
cupped his buns and slowly non nude sexy lolitas
massaged his butt cheeks. "Am I
bad if I do that?" Danny whispered in reply to my question.
"No, you're not bad" I stroked his hair and the back of his
neck. "I just don't want to have to change your name to
Danielle" and we both giggled. He looked up, "So are you
going to suck me or fuck me?" he asked as he placed his hand
flat on my prick and stroked it to hardness. "I told you," I
said, "I free loli models art
can wait" and with that I slid to my knees and
pushed my brother's jeans the rest of the way to the floor.I continued to feel the soft material of the cotton panties
as naughty nude teens lolitas
they tightly gripped Danny's butt. Then, when I was eye
level with his penis I put my fingers in the waistband of
the girl's undies met art lolita pic
he was wearing and pulled them down just
enough to let his cock pop out. I stroked his teen prick
until it was standing like a flag pole and then started
licking it. While I sucked and licked I continued to feel
Danny's ass through the material and then slipped my hand
inside so I could get at his crack. I took him into my mouth
and he thrust his thin hips forward as he fucked into my
face. I pulled the panties out of the way and finally had
full access to his rear. I gripped his ass and fondled each
cheek as I sucked my little brother's prick. My fingers
probed his crack and played around his hole. I russian teen lolita nothing
around the room and got wicked hard thinking that I was
sucking my little brother's cock in our parent's room. The
only thing better would be fucking his tiny ass on their
bed.Danny thrust his dick down my throat. "Do my hole" he moaned
softly as he wiggled his butt trying to get japan lolita video nude
my finger up his
ass. I grunted as he fucked my face and I felt for his hole.
I found his little pucker and it was slick with sweat and a
little greasy. I aimed my middle finger and entered his butt
hole with ease. "Oh God" Danny moaned as he felt me enter
his ass. I moved my other fingers so I could get the most
length and then inserted the rest of my middle finger into
his rectum. "Oooooh Yeahhhh" Danny moaned as he felt me fill
his rear completely. He bent his legs a little and then
began a serious fucking motion into my mouth. "Suck me
Jason" Danny pleaded, "Suck my fucking cock" and he gripped
my head and pounded into me again and again. Each time he
pulled back out I shoved my finger angel lola love jeezy
further up his hole. He
loved the finger fuck. A few minutes of this frantic pace
and Danny was there. "I'm cumming" Danny groaned as he
gripped my head and tried to choke me on his dick. He jerked
and shot a stream of hot jizm into the back of my throat as
I child lolita preteen girl
twisted my finger round and round in his ass.Danny grunted, and jerked as he came. He made a small fart
as I slowly pulled my finger out of his rear. "Fucking
Fantastic!" he moaned as he gently stroked my hair and let
me clean his dick with my tongue. I stood up and we kissed
again and he tasted his sperm in my mouth. "You sure you
don't want some?" He asked as he stroked my dick softly.
"No, I'll wait for Travis" I said as I softly kissed the
side of his neck and gave him a hug. "Besides" I said, `I'm
looking forward to having you under the Christmas tree."
Danny giggled, "Don't you mean a present from me lolita angels 13 yo
under the
tree?" I smiled, "Nope" I was right the first time" and with
that I gave Danny a playful swat on the rear. "Pull your
panties up Danielle" I teased, "we have to get ready for
Trav".Travis arrived about 7:30 preteen lolitas pussy bbs
p.m and we tossed his overnight
gear in my room. Danny was in his room playing his new video
games and I had just finished answering some email. "So what
did Santa bring you?" I teased Travis as I plopped down on
the bed and he fell down next me. "Same old crap" he smiled,
"and a new pair of tickets to the Cayman's" he grinned,
"Want to do some diving?" I grinned and laughed at the same
time, "Fucking A" I said, "That would be great! When do we
go?" Travis snuggled closer and pulled me onto his lap like
a little underage lolita pthc preview
kid, "we leave the week before start of next term"
I put my arms around his neck and we kissed for several long
minutes. "What about the judge?" I asked as we cuddled.
Travis' Dad is a Federal judge and would go ballistic if he
found out his kid liked cock. "No problem" Trav said while
stroking my back. "He thinks we're best buds" and that's all
he pre-teen lolita photo galleries
knows" and with that we both smiled and kissed.I heard the door to the connecting bath squeak as it was
slowly opened. Danny was inching an eye through the slit to
see what was going on in my room. "Hey Dweeb!" I yelled loud
enough to startle the little guy, "You spy on me and Trav
and I'll kick your freshman ass" Danny opened the door and I
was still sitting in Trav's lap. "Sorry" he said with his
eyes cast down a little toward the lolita preteen pay sites
floor. "I just don't want
to miss out on any fun." Trav was puzzled. "I told him we
could all play around tonight" I said, "I hope you don't
mind" and ukrainen legal lolita photos
Trav smiled, "Hey its fine with me, besides his
ass is way cuter than yours" and with that I feigned
surprise and pounded my lover hard on the arm. "You cut out
that shit" I laughed and rolled off Trav and onto the side
of the bed.Danny grinned when he saw we were both in such a good mood.
"Did you get ready?" I asked Danny as he stood in the middle
of the room stroking his crotch. "Not exactly" He confessed,
"I was playing my games innocent preteen lolita pics
and I guess I forgot". Danny frowned
a little thinking I was going lolitas porn penes circuncidados
to get mad. "You guys strip
while I get the stuff" I said and climbed off the bed, "I'm
not fucking any dirty bottom even if it is yours" I said as
I walked past Danny and poked a finger in his chest.When I returned Trav was naked on the bed and Danny was
kneeling between his legs sucking him. Trav was loli repon info guestbook
a little
slow in getting hard but once he was there he stayed there a
long time. I stripped off my shirt and jeans and pulled down
my boxers. My dick was still soft but it was twitching with
anticipation. "Danny needs an enema" I said to Trav as he
stroked my brother's hair enjoying the blow job. Trav
nodded, " OK just let him suck me off while he gets it" Trav
said as he raised his hips slightly to fill Danny's mouth
with more cock. "Okay" I said as I got behind Danny. I
spread his butt cheeks and teased his tiny hole with my
finger. I took some KY and greased his hole on the outside
and then with a gently pushed my finger inside. Danny
groaned as I entered his rectum.I got off the bed and greased the end of the enema hose. It
was long and thin and longer than what you would expect to
see. It was attached to a soft bag with a four foot length
of hose. I went into the bath and filled the bag with warm
water and a tiny bit of soap. When nude lolita in thongs
I came back Danny was
still on his knees face down in Trav's crotch and his rear
was up and waiting. "I'm putting it in" I warned Danny as I
eased the enema tip up his teen hole. Danny whined softly as
I inserted it into his anus and he felt the pressure of the
thing as it slid up his rear. The tip disappeared up my
brother's butt and then I eased a couple of inches of the
hose itself up there. Danny moaned again. He fucking loved
getting these things. Danny's dick was jerking and getting
hard. I snapped the clip on the hose and the warm water
began to fill Danny's ass. "Here it comes Danny" I said as
the warm water entered his butt and then filled his tummy. I
stood there and looked at the scene as if from a distance.
My brother was sucking my best friend's dick, ass up in the
air with a hose stuffed in his hole and his belly being
filled with water. I got hard, very hard. Danny grunted a
couple of times and squirmed. He wiggled his ass, and then
took his mouth off Trav's cock. "Jase?' he moaned. "Not yet"
I answered his unasked question, he wasn't done yet. He
wiggled his butt some more and I could tell he was getting
really full. His tummy was extending out. He grunted again.
"Jase, that's enough!" He said pleading a little. Trav
looked at me and winked. Trav crawled down the bed and stuck
his head under Danny's tummy and put his mouth on Danny's
prick. Danny groaned as felt the warm mouth surround his
cock. For a moment he forgot what was going on in his ass
and concentrated on what was happening to his dick. I closed
off the clamp and the water stopped flowing. Danny moaned as
he fucked his dick into Trav's mouth. Then he wiggled and
pulled out, "I really got to go" he moaned and climbed off
the bed. He waddled to the lolita 10 yo cp
bathroom to dump his load. Travis
and I both laughed as he headed away.Danny finished and came back nude black lolita vid
into the room. "That was really
wicked" he said and he lay face down on the bed. I lightly
patted his rear. "All ready now?" I asked, and Danny smiled,
"Clean as a whistle" and we all giggled. "Family room" I
announced and we all scrambled downstairs. I kicked the
switch and the gas fireplace lit and the Christmas tree came
on with the turn of another switch. The room was warm and
cozy. "Sorry Trav" I said as I reached for my brother and
gave him a long and lingering kiss. "We haven't had our
family Christmas yet" I giggled as Danny melted into me and
cuddled close. I rolled him on to his back with his face
nearly under the Christmas tree lolita teens gallery love
and spread his legs wide. anime bbs child lolicon
looked down and saw that Danny had greased his hole after he
finished in the bathroom. "Merry Christmas Jason" he ls home lolita forum
as I touched his pucker with my penis. I looked into Danny's
eyes, "Merry Christmas Danny" I said as I slowly eased
forward russian 12yr lolita photos
and the tip of my dick slowly entered his butt. We
looked at each other deeply and with great love. I slowly
inched up Danny's rear. We willed the gentle moment to last
forever. This was the Christmas gift we both mixman bbs board loli
wanted most of
all. The kid grunted and opened his hole as I slid deeper.
"Put it in Jase" Danny whispered urging me to take his ass.
"I love you so much. I need you deep inside me". I pulled back an inch and then in one full push put my
whole cock up my brother's ass. "Oh yeah" Danny moaned in
pleasure as I stretched his channel and filled his rear with
meat. I love the feel of my dick up my brother's little lolita sex pics
ass. There
isn't anything better than that. I glanced lolitas nude pictures toplist
at Travis who was
sitting back on his legs stroking dick and masturbating to
the sight of me fucking Danny. I saw the lights from the
tree twinkle and shine off Danny's face as I plowed cock up
his ass. Danny loved every inch. "Merry Christmas Danny" I
whispered again as I filled my brother with my prick.I fucked into him for several more minutes and then pulled
out. I turned his right leg over and he was forced to roll
on to his stomach. He raised his butt up off the floor and
was quickly waving his rear like a dog's tail. I got on my
knees and in one thrust took top 100 lolitas shy
my little brother doggy lolita photo peachfuzz preteen
He lowered his head as I pounded into his ass. "Fuck me
Jason!" He whined, "Please fuck my ass!" pre lolitas 9yo nude
He moaned as I
pounded harder and harder. I felt my lolitas preteen little virgins
balls tighten and then
the urge. I grunted as I fucked. It was no longer a gentle
love making, I was fucking ass! "Fuck!" I grunted as I
pounded into Danny. "Take it Danny" I moaned as I raped my
brother's teen hole. "I'm almost there!" I grunted as I
pounded in again and again and finally pulled out to shoot
my cream all over Danny's back and in his crack. Spurt after
spurt of cum messed his rear and back. I took my prick and
smeared the goop around and up and down my brother's butt
crack and then slid my sperm coated dick back up his ass one
more time. "Fuck yes!" Danny moaned as he felt my cum
drenched cock slide up his butt and stay there jerking. A
few minutes later I pulled out and Danny was left to catch
his breath.Travis had been pounding away on his cock but hadn't gotten
there yet. He came up behind Danny and slammed his huge dick
into Danny. Travis grunted as he entered my brother's ass.
"Here's my present Danny." Travis groaned and fucked him
deeper. Danny moaned in pleasure and shoved his ass back to
take more cock. "Yeah do it!" Danny urged, "Fuck me man!"
Danny grunted as Trav knocked the wind out of him. Trav
grabbed Danny around his thin waist and pounded in again and
again. When I thought that Travis couldn't hold out any
longer, he pulled out. He took Danny by the hips and eased
him back away from the tree and to his feet. Travis moved
him over by the fireplace and put Danny's hands on the
mantle. Danny quickly got the idea and spread his legs and
pushed his butt out.Trav is taller than Danny but with Danny rising up just a
little and Trav bending his knees he managed to insert his
cock up Danny's ass like an instrument in the doctors'
office. The effect was to slam even more cock up my
brother's butt. Danny grunted and moaned. He pushed back
trying to take more of Trav's greasy penis into his bowels.
They were both moaning and grunting as they fucked. I heard
Trav's balls slapping against Danny's rear and the slurping
sound of Trav's dick as it fucked up his hole.Trav groaned again, "Danny your ass is so sweet" as he tried
to crawl another inch up there. Then I saw Danny reaching
for his own cock and stroking as he was getting butt fucked.
Trav finally jerked and nearly lifted Danny off his feet and
he made one last thrust up my brother's rear. Danny jerked
as well and shot his cream onto the tile by the fireplace.
Trav filled his shitter as Danny's orgasm shot spunk all
over the floor.Trav pulled out and sat down on the floor exhausted. Danny
did the same. Juice was amateur home lolita model
leaking out of his wide open hole
and staining the carpet. He panted from the exertion of the
multiple ass fuck. "Jesus Jase" Danny moaned as he looked at
me, "You take that thing of Trav's up your ass every week?"
I grinned, "Yeah" I giggled, "He's pretty hefty" isn't he?"
Danny rolled over on to his stomach. I knew he must have a
sore asshole. "Yeah" He grinned, "but he sure knows how to
use it" and at that we all laughed.The evening magazine nude lolitas preteens
went on like that with fucking and sucking all
around. It was early morning before we were all worn out and
asleep in each other's arms. Brian and his Dad came to the
door the next day after lunch. Danny would spend a couple of
days skiing with them. Trav stayed at home with me. Mom and
Dad finally returned and when we were all back together
again it was clear that this banned lolita pussy pics
was one of the best holidays
ever. Danny and I both agreed that we had just established a
new holiday tradition. From now on, it won't be Christmas
until after the two photos nudist lolitas angels
of us have exchanged our gifts under the
tree.Did you like this chapter? Write me at Jason you will remain anonymous.

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